Ioannou’s practice has a multifaceted nature, which encompasses a wide range of media. Often drawing upon autobiographical, historical, and sociological sources, he explores the relationship between the urban environment, social fabric, and the construction of our own subjectivities. 

 In the process of reading a place, it is essential for him to include the imported information that co-exists within it, whether it is objects, simple actions, or even experiences. In the narratives he constructs in his works, he manifests the process where fragmented and often transplanted information and traces create a new condition. 

 His main interest is the essential observation of the individual within these two parameters and one’s behavior within a set of points. Therefore, he combines the co-existence of space and time, the way we perceive who we are and how we appear to others as well as the research’s process combined with dialogue. Throughout this condition, he is interested in the concept of matter and form as a combination of philosophical inquiry and material investigation, that is, their ability to be reshaped, redefined, and acquire a new dimension.