Born and raised in Athens, Greece, my main interest became our interaction and relationship with the environment we build to live within. The state of the contemporary human condition into a landscape consisting of abstract and concrete structures.

I find very influential, the relationships that are being developed within this environment, the notion of territoriality and the traces or the remainders of urban life. In my work, through ready-made and constructed fragments, I present post-painterly traces of a narrative in an urban landscape. A narrative that reveals an extent of our relationship to this environment, and questions the way history can be read through the city and how we feel the anarchy and the power structures within an urban landscape.

Painted details, marked limits and half-written phrases, suggest a continuity in space that might -or might not- exist. This suggestion of mental or literal space is something I consider as very significant, not only in terms of spatial continuity but also of being resonant with the relationships and boundaries we establish between one another in personal, social, cultural or even legal realms.