Born and raised in the city of Athens, Greece, my main interest became our interaction and relationship with the environment we build to live within. A landscape consisting of abstract and concrete structures, where language is also part of it. Some of the layers, are notations on the walls, messages left by other people. I grew up in a city where I used to read, and still do read the walls. I find this process of, changing the urban “cover”, a reflection and expression, as something quite interesting. Situations such as, urban life, graffiti, territorial disputes and slogans on walls are very influential for me. Through these, one can understand a psychological space where individual expression confronts social constraint, and the traces left by these interactions which they are revealing our reflection on the urban landscape.

 By collecting, modifying and constructing fragments, I intent to reveal an extent of our relationship to this landscape. I see my works as fragments of a bigger picture. Painted details, marked limits and half-written phrases, suggest a continuity in space that might-or might not- exist, and question the perceived space of the art object(s).

 In my practice I use fragments because, in my opinion, they form the best way to reflect this extreme delicacy and fragility of life in the twenty-first century. It is an uncertain time, a time of migration. Population moves, like never before and borders and boundaries are constantly in conflict.

Reflecting on this fast-changing world, I understand everything as fragments, be it space, time, history, information or image. We live in a world in pieces. However, realizing this, make us aware of the existence of a bigger picture. This suggestion of mental or literal space is something that I consider as very significant.