Flags for No Land

Flags for No Land / 2018 / Brussels, Belgium

‘São Paulo is today a city of walls. Physical barriers have been constructed everywhere – around houses, apartment buildings, parks, squares, office complexes and schools… A new aesthetics of security shapes all types of constructions and imposes new logic of surveillance and distance…’. __________________________________________________________________________________________-Teresa Caldeira-___________________________________ Those individual works are interrelated regarding their concept. By investigating the relationships people develop within the urban landscape, the process of setting boundaries gained a central role. I have focused in the possibility of the physical boundary being resonant with the complexity of the boundaries we establish between one another. Therefore, starting from the materiality and dimension of the painting surface, the physical boundary of the picture frame stepped out of the wall to establish new boundaries. At the same time, a clear reference to a flag is created. I am interested in flags as notions as well as symbols which establish boundaries. In this case I build personal flags, one-man flags as a proposal to our behavioural currencies.

ONE-MAN FLAG II & ONE-MAN FLAG I / 2017 / spray paint on bleached denim