Fragmented Narratives

They were, those people, a kind of solution / 2017 / spray paint and oil pastel on urban fragments tied with denim cloth

On this collection of found urban fragments is written the last two lyrics of C. P. Cavafy’s poem “Waiting for the Barbarians” [-And now, what’s going to happen to us without barbarians? – They were, those people, a kind of solution.]. The fragments are tied with denim cloth. I used denim as something more human, in contrast with the other objects here, that people only reflect on. In my viewpoint, denim as a material that touch the skin, has a different memory in it.

TIC/ 2017 / engraved granite

While engraving on granite fragments the phrase "Exotic Athens" and sketches of my personal view of the exotic, I have in mind the way they engrave monuments and gravestones. The granite pieces are urban found objects from a public pedestrian floor.

IFISTAY / 2017 / engraved granite

WAITING/ 2017 / engraved brick

ALIS___M / 2017 / engraved granite

CRAP___ENT / 2017 / engraved granite

This diptych was the first of the engraved granite series. The slogan "Crapumenta 14" was all around in the streets of Athens during the Documenta 14 (2017). Considering the reaction of Athenian people funny, interesting and serious at the same time I have used fragments of the word to write "Crapy Monuments", while commenting the way titles of works and names, were engraved on marble in Documenta 14 in Athens, as in public monuments. The granite pieces were found in public pedestrian floor.