ONTHEFIRSTDAY / 2017 / spray paint on wood, plants, soil, collage, video projection /  Biennale “Mulhouse 017”, Mulhouse, France 

A landscape of fragments. This work exploring how time affects the urban landscape. The narrative created within the elements, centers on  the use of vandalism on disappearing or on ruined houses, – on decomposing walls in the urban landscape -, on the actual relocation of the urban fragments in a new context and on the translation of those in a pictorial way of thinking, while creates a discourse between the boundaries of the unoccupied area, using as metaphor the human need to create and occupied/ take over new spaces.


BYVANITYO___R / 2017 /spray paint on wall (ceiling corner and column) /  Pink house, Antwerp, Belgium 

This site specific installation is based on the frase “by vanity and by fear of open space”, fragments of the frase expanding on and marking the architectural space, exploring the suggestion of space by the use of language .


95cm above the ground / 2015 / wall paint on tree trunk / UOI,  Ioannina,  Greece

In order to comment on the way objects, transform into artworks when placed in an exhibition space, the tree’s natural bark is painted ultramarine blue, altering its natural substance and color. In other words, the trunk becomes the medium which is used to express the metaphor that exists, through the violent act of “breaking” the walls of the exhibition space, on the disintegration of the institutions of art.